About Extreme Marquees

Extreme Marquees Pty Ltd is a leading manufacturer of high quality commercial grade marquees and banners. We have designed and constructed our marquees to meet the highest standards and to provide long term protection from harsh Australian conditions.

To provide our clients with the highest quality marquees we source and import the best quality raw materials from around the globe. Our commercial grade PVC is imported from Belgium and France. It has textured layers specifically designed to enhance our unique full colour custom printing process.

Our company's research reveals that today's customers are looking for both quality and value. To meet these demands Extreme Marquees Pty Ltd has established an Australian managed offshore factory and our distribution warehouse and service centre in Australia. This strategic company structure results in high quality products at affordable prices.

Extreme Marquees Pty Ltd was founded as a sister company of the Australian Craft Market Group Pty Ltd (established 1989) to design and supply commercial grade marquees for its Australian event management division. The charter of Extreme Marquees Pty Ltd was to design a marquee for reliability, durability and product safety in a public place.